Es Racó de Xesca y Xisco

Xesca and Xisco posed a complicated challenge, we had to design a house with an attractive image, Mediterranean style and adapted to current needs, all in a small building of the nineteenth century, in an urban area protected by heritage, so no we could modify its structure or enclosure at all and also the building was unused for more than 50 years. Our approach was to optimize the existing space to the maximum, paying special attention to the design and detail of each corner. The result has been a truly cozy home. The whole house is articulated through an open staircase that connects the 3 floors and that by means of vertical slats allows us to separate the different spaces while generating a feeling of spaciousness. As for the design, we have focused on achieving a modern image using traditional elements: recover the wooden beams, wooden floors, light colored walls painted to the sponge, getting the touch of color through interior design.
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